Where to Find Affordable Seafood Options in San Diego

Affordable seafood and sushi in San Diego.

San Diego is famous for its seafood restaurants, which are beloved by tourists as well as locals. However, not everyone gets to enjoy as much fish as they’d like. While many of the best seafood restaurants in San Diego provide a perfect dining experience, they tend to be very expensive, and best reserved for a special occasion. Because seafood contributes to a very healthy diet, we believe it should be easy to find affordable seafood options in San Diego, every day. So where do you look?

Fish counter restaurant vs. buffet

There are many well-known fish counter seafood restaurants in San Diego, and depending on your choice of fish, they can be places to find affordable seafood options. That is, if you’re interested in a relatively small meal, featuring one or two types of fish per person. Affordable seafood dishes here taste great when you order right, but everybody’s got different tastes and it can be tough to choose. A seafood buffet gives you an opportunity to sample all the fish dishes that look appealing to you, then come back for bigger portions of your favorites!

Sushi bar vs. buffet

Some of the very best seafood meals you can have in San Diego take place at sushi bars. However, the bigger a fan you are of sushi, the higher the number you’re going to find at the bottom of your bill at the end of the night. Incredibly, Yummy Buffet includes a well-stocked sushi station as part of our all you can eat buffet. Think about how much a chef’s choice meal — what they call omakase — costs at a San Diego sushi bar. For a mere fraction of the cost, you can access all the sushi you want at Yummy Buffet, and the chef doesn’t choose which pieces you eat. You do.

Crab house vs. buffet

Seafood may be widespread in San Diego, but crab legs are not. When you do find them, you typically spend so much to order them, you might not consider other seafood dishes due to price. Yummy Buffet is known for its tasty, steamed crab legs. And of course, they’re included in the buffet price, so you can load up on crab legs if you like, or you can pair them with a plate of sushi, salmon, clam chowder, and noodles if you so desire.

An affordable, all you can eat seafood buffet in San Diego

At Yummy Buffet, you pay a fixed price to access an all you can eat buffet, which can be as low as $9.49 for lunch, and only $14.49 for dinner! You may choose to order drinks, including beer and wine options, but there’s no additional charge for a second helping, or a third helping, or even a fourth! And there’s so much to love in addition to the price. We offer Chinese food as well as an incredible seafood buffet that features everything you could want: grilled, steamed, and fried fish; crab legs, shrimp cocktails, and even sushi. We bet you run out of appetite before you run out of different dishes to try! To learn more, give us a call at