All You Can Eat Fish Buffet San Diego | Popular Dishes at Yummy Buffet 🐟

All You Can Eat Fish Buffet Yummy Buffet

Yummy Buffet restaurant in San Diego offers many stations of all you can eat fish, meat, sushi, and Chinese food. There’s literally something good for every taste, including these most popular dishes from our fish buffet and beyond. 🐟

Baked Salmon

A great fish buffet must include plenty of healthy options, and at Yummy Buffet that’s a big part of what we do. One of our most popular dishes is also one of our healthiest: baked salmon, low in fat and cholesterol, yet rich in protein and omega-3s!


How many other restaurants in San Diego regularly offer crawfish? If you’re new to the Southern delicacy, a seafood buffet is the perfect place to try crawfish for the first time, because you can try one to see if you like it, then go back for more when you do!

Coconut Shrimp

Among fans of both Chinese food and seafood buffet, our coconut shrimp tops many a favorites list. Crispy shrimp brought to life by a creamy coconut sauce.

Clam Chowder

All the soups in our soup station get a lot of attention, but a quintessential seafood buffet staple gets the most. Our clam chowder moves fast, and gets people coming back for seconds.

Baked Mussels

Among our most exotic seafood buffet options are baked mussels. Gooey with melted cheese, they’re the number one decadent choice of shellfish lovers.

Crab Legs

Without doubt, some of our most beloved offerings are steamed crab legs. Seafood buffet diners almost immediately grab a few legs and some melted butter, and get crackin’.


Perhaps the number on target for all guests at out all you can eat fish buffet, is sushi. With a fine selection of maki rolls, special rolls, nigiri sushi, and sashimi, Yummy Buffet remains the number one choice for seafood buffets in San Diego.

Other Popular Non-Seafood Menu Options at Yummy Buffet

Orange Chicken

Yummy buffet is not strictly a seafood buffet: we feature a lot of bottomless Chinese food dishes as well as all you can eat fish. The number one draw has to be the modern classic: orange chicken, crunchy fried chicken with a sweet and tangy glaze.

BBQ Ribs

Forget about having to order BBQ ribs by the rack. At Yummy Buffet, you can add ribs a bone at a time to your all you can eat fish plate, taking the concept of surf and turf to the next level!

Teriyaki Chicken Skewers

Even our dedicated fish buffet guests find time to enjoy our pan-Asian chicken dishes, especially our chicken teriyaki skewers. They’re so easy to stack on an all you can eat fish plate, and so tasty a reward for doing so.

Prime Rib

No all you can eat buffet — even a fish buffet — is complete without a prime rib cutting station. Carnivorous customers have made prime rib on of our most popular favorites.