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How to Eat More at a Buffet by Yummy Buffet

A fixed-price, all you can eat buffet is designed to be tempting to big appetites, but according to the internet, some people aren’t content merely to eat until they feel full. They want to know how to beat the buffet! Online forum Reddit hosts entire comment threads dedicated to buffet hacks. Some are concerned with how to eat more at a buffet in order to get the most bang for your buck. Others identify what to eat first at a buffet, so they fill up on more expensive items, rather than more affordable desserts or starches.

Here are a few of our favorite buffet hacks from Redditor users who have come up with plans on how to beat the buffet.

The big breakfast buffet strategy

Lots of Redditors are concerned with the physics of eating more at a buffet, noting that you can fit more food into your stomach if you stretch it out first. Some suggest eating a large meal roughly 8 or 9 hours prior to your buffet: this may be dinner the night before, or preferably breakfast the morning of. This buffet hack is predicated on the idea the big meal will both enlarge your stomach temporarily, and also kickstart your metabolism.

After about six hours, your body will start to crave more food. Hold off until about an hour before you start the buffet, then eat a couple of crackers. They won’t even remotely fill you up, but will signal your metabolism to be ready for another large meal. You should show up at the buffet famished, with room to eat everything!

The stomach full of water buffet strategy

Following a similar principle, other Redditors point out that competitive eaters (such as those who gorge themselves at hot dog eating contests) keep their stomach expanded in the hours before competition by drinking large volumes of water. According to this buffet hack, keeping your stomach full of water will keep it expanded, while also ensuring the path is clear to jam your system full of food.

The no fillers buffet strategy

The “no fillers” theorists seem less concerned with how much food their stomach can handle, and more interested in beating the buffet by eating more high value items such as meat or fish, and fewer heavy items, meaning items with high levels of starch, sugar, and fiber that make you feel fuller, faster. This buffet hack directs you what to eat first at a buffet: namely, proteins.

At a place like Yummy Buffet in San Diego, that would mean prime rib, fish, and crab legs. Rice counts as filler, but when you’re getting it at our sushi station, it’s probably at an acceptable protein ratio. Reserve most noodles, bread, and rice dishes for your second or third pass at the buffet. Some Redditors even recommend enjoying dessert before indulging in carbohydrates.

The audition plate buffet strategy

Our favorite buffet hack plays into Yummy Buffet’s greatest strength: a wide assortment of items. The Redditors behind this buffet strategy believe you can’t beat the buffet until you know what to eat first at a buffet. That means your first plate should include very small portions of everything that looks good to you. This approach allows you to try a taste of everything with your first pass, so when you go back for a second pass you may focus on large portions of only your favorite dishes, whether they’re proteins, carbs, or dessert.

To us, that sounds like the best approach for your first visit to Yummy Buffet in San Diego. Nice, you’ve experienced your favorite Yummy Buffet items, you’ll be ready to come back and beat the buffet like a pro!