The Best, All You Can Eat Chinese Food in San Diego

the best chinese dumplings in San Diego at Yummy Buffet 

Chinese food has had a big presence in San Diego for a long time, and there are restaurants serving many different regional Chinese styles. The best Chinese restaurants have very long menus, giving customers an endless variety of dishes to choose from for lunch or dinner. Which is great if you want to make an entire meal out of orange chicken, or Peking duck. 

Yummy Buffet offers a healthy variety

Most people want more than one or two distinct dishes with a meal, and they want healthy options. For that, there's only one way to go: a good Chinese food buffet. Very few local Chinese restaurants offer buffet service, and most of those don't get it right, offering stale food, limited choice, and lots of fried foods, loaded with MSG. But there is a place that bucks the trend. For the best all you can eat Chinese food in San Diego, it's got to be Yummy Buffet. Our food is made fresh throughout the day. It's MSG-free and always includes healthy options.

How it works

Each of our guests pays a flat rate for all you can eat access to our buffet — go back once, twice, and again until you are satisfied. All of our options are made fresh, and of course include Chinese food favorites such as sweet and sour chicken, broccoli beef, and egg drop soup. But we like to mix it up, so you won’t tire of seeing the same dishes every time you visit. Maybe you like lo mein, maybe you'd rather have chow mein. Maybe you'd like to sample both. Each time you visit Yummy Buffet, you'll find plenty of new items next to the standbys. And save room for dessert: you'll love our Chinese donuts and soft serve ice cream.

It's not just Chinese food

Our buffet provides a healthy representation of tried and true Chinese food, but it's not limited to strictly Chinese dishes. You're just as likely to find prime rib and chicken wings as you are fried rice and egg rolls. Oh, and we're big fans of seafood, so you may find the likes of shrimp cocktails and clam chowder in our buffet, and our buttery crab legs are a customer favorite! For every fried shrimp dish, you'll find a healthy counterpart to balance it out, such as steamed fish or vegetables, or a fresh salad.

Did we mention sushi?

That's right, the best all you can eat Chinese food in San Diego also happens to serve sushi! And it's not like you have to choose between eating Chinese food or sushi — you can have both, and as much as you want! Get a whole California roll or pick and choose individual pieces of simple rolls, special rolls, or nigiri. That's a level of choice you don’t even find in dedicated sushi restaurants.

Where to find us

Yummy Buffet offers a central location, just across the highway from Old Town, in the gateway to Point Loma: the Midway District. We're in a shopping center on Midway Drive, on the southeast corner of Rosecrans Street, across the parking lot from CVS and Sprouts grocery store.

Give us a call today at (619) 222-3388 if you have any questions.