Honey Chicken, Orange Chicken, Sweet & Sour Chicken in San Diego

Chicken options at Yummy Buffet in San Diego

Yummy Buffet Chicken Dishes

In the United States, most people’s favorite Chinese food dishes involve chicken, so Yummy Buffet strives to offer a variety of chicken dishes. We offer different flavors to suit different customers’ tastes, but really, it’s so customers can try several different flavors of chicken in one sitting. This is an all you can eat buffet, after all!

Here are some of the favorite, and most popular Chinese chicken dishes at Yummy Buffet, and that makes them great.

Honey Chicken

Kind of like a mix between southern fried chicken with a honey sauce, honey chicken takes small nuggets of boneless chicken, bathes them in a cornstarch batter, then fries them up and drenches them in a sweet and salty sauce of honey, soy sauce, and sesame oil. A simple yet delicious dish. It’s really the honey that distinguishes honey chicken from similar dishes, and from precursor recipes that originally used palm sugar. We think honey is the better, and more richly flavored option.

Orange Chicken

What honey chicken is to southern fried chicken, orange chicken is to southern barbecue. Like honey chicken, orange chicken starts with batter-fried chunks of boneless chicken. However, it’s smothered in a rich glaze of orange juice, chili flakes, and also a little bit of honey for sweetness. As with many southern barbecue sauces, the kicker in orange chicken sauce, in more ways than one, is a dash of vinegar. Combined with citrus acid from the orange, the saltiness of soy sauce, the honey sweetness, and the chili spice, the masterful balancing act of vinegar and so many different flavors in this dish has thrilled American diners for decades.

In fact, it’s really an Americanized take on the original sweet and sour style sauce made famous by Cantonese cuisine.

Sweet & Sour Chicken

Did somebody say sweet & sour chicken? At Yummy Buffet, enthusiasts will want to come back for seconds of our sweet & sour chicken. The dish developed from a sweet and sour sauce used to dress fish. Chinese immigrants to the United States, such as those who chased their dreams alongside so many others during the California gold rush, developed the sweet & sour sauce for a chicken dish to please customers of their restaurants.

Owing to masterful frying techniques in the Chinese cooking tradition, the dish became so successful it was copied over and over, spreading to Chinese restaurants in virtually every nation. Like orange chicken, vinegar contributes to the sour part of the sweet & sour equation, and the red color owes to the inclusion of ketchup in many sweet & sour chicken recipes, the tomato adding umami to the sugar-sweetened dish.

Try them all!

Which of these chicken dishes is best? The great part about Yummy Buffet’s all you can eat buffet is that you can try them all on the same plate, then compare and contrast, and go back for seconds of your personal favorite!