How to Eat Healthy at a Buffet | Yummy Buffet San Diego

How to Eat Healthy at a Buffet | Yummy Buffet San Diego

A lot of people equate "all you can eat" with unhealthy gluttony — as though it's not possible to eat at a buffet without overeating food that's bad for you. But it's entirely possible to eat healthy at a buffet. Every item in a buffet may not be a healthy part of your diet, but if you go in with a plan, and eat smart, you may leave a buffet feeling satiated and feeling good about it.

Start with the healthy stuff

Most of the damage at an all you can eat buffet comes from overloading your plate with heavy fried foods, and more meat than you need. To eat healthy, your going to want some low calorie vegetables on your plate, so start there. Make some healthy, low calorie salad your first add, then add a green vegetable and maybe root vegetable to your plate before moving on to grains and meat dishes. Then you'll be sure to get your nutrition-rich sides out of the way before you go for any second helpings.

Make low fat and low calorie choices

When it comes to meat dishes, noodle dishes, and fried foods, the easier way to eat smart at a buffet is to serve yourself smaller portions. At a buffet, even if you avoid overeating, you're going to go home full. So what looked like a too-small serving of sweet and sour chicken when you loaded it on your plate can wind up being almost too much by time you've finished your meal.

Steamed over fried foods

One way to eat healthy at a buffet is to attend one with plenty of Chinese food, like you'll find at Yummy Buffet. While a number of Chinese dishes are fried and stir-fried, steaming food is also one of the most common cooking technique in traditional cooking. A great way to eat smart is to focus more on steamed items. Steamed vegetables especially provide a lot of nutrients, while steamed fish manage to be delicious as well as low calorie. Or how about crab legs? While feasting on crab legs, eating healthy feels like one smart decision.

Try the sushi

If you don't feel like steamed seafood, the best thing to do may be to go raw. Most foods are at their healthiest when they're not cooked, so it stands to reason sushi is one of the healthiest foods you can put in your body. With a sushi buffet before you, it can really be easy to eat smart without overeating. Just don't forget to serve yourself vegetables before you dip into the sushi offerings at Yummy Buffet. 

Come to a healthy buffet restaurant in San Diego

It's easy to overlook, but the best way to eat healthy at a buffet is to eat at a healthy buffet. Beyond the Yummy in Yummy Buffet, one of our primary goals is to serve healthy food. We always feature low calorie options, cook with vegetable oil (when necessary), and never add MSG. Even better, we always bring in a rotation of seafood dishes, including cooked fish, sushi, and our famous crab legs. It's healthy all you can eat, and you'll want to eat it all.

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