How To Eat Sushi Like A Pro | The Beginners Guide

How To Eat Sushi Like A Pro

Want to eat sushi like a pro? It’s not as complicated as you might think. Here are a few sushi tips for beginners.

How to Eat Sushi With Chopsticks

Even for someone new to using chopsticks, eating sliced sushi rolls provides great practice. The first stick shouldn’t move in your hand. Instead, grip it in the crook of your thumb and forefinger, pointy end forward, and brace it against your outstretched ring finger. Holding it in place, pinch the other stick firmly between the pads of your thumb and first two fingers, resting against your big knuckle, as if you were holding a pencil. When you flex your hand, the two sticks should clamp together, giving you all the leverage you need to firmly pick up a piece of sushi.

Dipping Sushi in Soy Sauce

Here’s an important sushi tip for beginners: go easy on the soy sauce. Sushi restaurants always provide small shallow dipping bowls for soy sauce, but sushi pros take care not to drop an entire sushi morsel into the dish. Too much soy can easily overpower both the delicacy of raw fish, and the light vinegar of sushi rice. The goal is to merely dunk one end of the fish in soy sauce to add a touch of saltiness. For light colors, low oil fish such as red snapper, one might consider a light tip on sweeter ponzu sauce instead.

To Wasabi or not Wasabi

A beginner wanting to know how to eat sushi will also wonder what to do with the pale green dollop of wasabi mustard traditionally included in sushi service. The goal of the spicy garnish is to release the sort of pungent mustard aromatics that bring spice to your upper palate without overwhelming the fish. Some like to stir some ratio of wasabi paste into their soy sauce, so they can get it everything in one dip. But this allows soy sauce to suppress some of those aromatics, diminishing their effect. Better to add a tiny dab of wasabi to the fish itself, allowing all the distinct flavors to flourish.

How to Eat Sushi Ginger

Perhaps the easiest sushi tip for beginners to miss is what to do with all the pickled ginger. Some, who’ve never learned how to eat sushi ginger, will even add a sliver of the pickled root to the sushi itself. But if you want to know how to eat sushi like a pro, do not follow suit. If you’re doing it right, you will eat several different types of fish during a sushi meal. However, the flavor of one can impact how you perceive the next, so eat a small piece of ginger in between these bites of fish, as a palate cleanser, to better appreciate the nuances between fish.

Simple to Complicated

Once you know how to eat sushi with chopsticks, how to properly garnish your sushi, and how to eat sushi ginger, the last remaining trick is to eat sushi in the correct order. As we’ve discussed, one piece of fish may impact your impression of the next. Even with palate-cleansing ginger, eating a light, low oil piece of fish will be harder to appreciate if you’ve recently eaten a fatty, buttery piece of salmon or mackerel. As a rule of thumb, start with the lighter, more delicate fish, and work your way towards the heavier, oilier fish, including belly cuts and fatty tuna. Also in the spirit of starting simple, start with sashimi and nigiri, and finish with sushi rolls, which bring together more complex flavors and textures provided by other ingredients.

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