Guide to Eating Keto & Paleo Diet-Friendly Foods at Restaurants

Eating Keto & Paleo Diet-Friendly Foods at Restaurants

The popularity of protein rich and low-carb diets have changed the way people dine out, and many restaurants have struggled to accommodate customers following guidelines of the Paleo Diet or Ketogenic Diet. Both of these diets restrict specific food items that are common on restaurant menus — neither eat wheat or potatoes for example.

However, at an all you can eat buffets as large as Yummy Buffet, there are always dozens of options available, whether you follow a Ketogenic Diet, Paleo Diet, Low Carb Diet, or even a strict all-sushi regimen.

Here's a Guide to Eating Keto and Paleo Diet-friendly Foods at Yummy Buffet.

Ketogenic Diet

Better known as the keto diet, this low carb diet ascribes foods that are high in fat, protein, and even fiber, just so long as you avoid sugar and other carbohydrates. That means Keto dieters will want to avoid the parts of our all you can eat bar that feature items with noodles or crust, so skip all the wontons, dumplings, egg rolls, pizza, and pasta. It's also best to avoid breaded fried dishes like our popular orange chicken.

What's left is a surprisingly huge amount of food! First of all, we have a great salad bar, featuring plenty of tiny steamed shrimp, healthy cruciferous vegetables, and carb free salad dressings like Italian and ranch. A Keto Diet also features lots of meat and fish, and we have loads of both, including BBQ chicken pork, Korean style short ribs, teriyaki chicken, and delicious baked salmon. Any Chinese dishes that don't require rice, noodles, or wontons also work — broccoli beef makes a terrific option! And don't look now, but we have a whole lot of different kinds of shellfish….

Paleo Diet

Sometimes called the caveman diet, the Paleo Diet has a slightly different set of restrictions, with some overlap. Grains including wheat and rice are also left out, and also legumes like beans and peas. Nuts are good (as long as they're not peanuts), but soy is out, which means a number of our soy-based Chinese dishes don't fit.

However, meat, fish, and most vegetables are very much on the table, and also very much a part of our all you can eat buffet, as long as you watch your sodium intake. To that end, we have steamed fish and vegetable dishes to get you started, including that salad bar. Just skip the ranch dressing on a Paleo Diet, it doesn't get along with dairy.

But here's where you'll really find some real value in our shellfish selection, which on any given day may include shrimp, clams, octopus, oysters, and crawfish. And it always includes our famous crab legs, one of our all time most popular items. While several BBQ meat dishes may feature too much soy or salt for those sticking to a Paleo Diet, this will hardly seem a hardship when you carve yourself a hunk of our prime rib!

The Question of Sushi

Another immensely popular feature of Yummy Buffet is the all you can eat sushi station. Sushi technically is named for the vinegar-infused rice used to make maki rolls and nigiri. Since rice is not part of either the Paleo Diet or Ketogenic Diet, customers following those diets will simply have to make do with sashimi: pure raw fish. For those following a less rigorous low carb diet, a limited number of maki or nigiri pieces should keep you under your daily carb limit, and in that case sushi is definitely the ideal way to spend those carbs.

You Can Be on a Diet and Still Eat All You Can Eat

At least you can when you're on a Paleo Diet or Keto Diet at Yummy Buffet in San Diego. Customer health is important to us, so come see us in Point Loma and find out what we're all about.