The 8 Health Benefits of Sake

Health benefits of sake.

If you choose correctly, the drink you order with a meal may have lasting effects on your health. When you want the impact to be beneficial, consider ordering sake. Whether you order hot sake or cold sake, regular consumption of the national beverage of Japan has been scientifically proven to contribute to long-term health benefits.

Reduced cancer risks

Sake is relatively high in amino acids, which famously has been shown to slow tumor growth and reduce the risks of certain kinds of cancer. This sake benefit exists in fairly small amounts, so your best bet is to supplement your sake consumption with food that is high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon or crab legs.

Boosted immune system

One of the amino acid compounds found in the highest concentrations in sake is selenium, a mineral that offers a wide range of health benefits. In addition to reduced cancer risk, it can help prevent degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, and give a general boost to the immune system.

It wards off allergies

Sake features several compounds that inhibit an enzyme that triggers histamine response, meaning routine consumption of hot sake or cold sake may reduce allergic reactions to pollen, dust mites, and many foods as well!

It’s a heart-friendly alcohol

When consumed in moderation, drinking of alcohol may generally improve good cholesterol, reduces clotting, and otherwise slightly improve heart health. Sake happens to help further by helping to reduce bad cholesterol, and naturally inhibiting production of enzymes that contribute to high blood pressure.

It’s easy on the stomach

Whether you consider hot sake or cold sake, compared to most alcoholic beverages, sake has very low amounts of the acids responsible for sour stomachs. It’s also low in sulfites, another culprit in bad stomach reactions to alcohol, such as experienced in hangovers.

It can improve your skin

The benefits of sake on healthy skin have been discovered by the beauty industry, and you may find many topical products taking advantage of its combination of beneficial acids. Drinking it may help too: it minimizes the production of melanin, which means less visible freckles and or sun spots. Perhaps even better, it can slow the onset of wrinkles!

It’s a gluten-free beverage

Rice contains no gluten, so unlike beer, sake is 100-percent gluten free. That means you may enjoy that sushi meal with hot sake, or pair a steamed seafood dish with cold sake, and truly make the most out of a gluten free meal.

Better bone health

Between the amino acids found in sake, and the enzyme inhibitors found in koji — the ingredient used to help yeast ferment rice in sake — drinking sake can help strengthen skeletal muscles, and prevent degenerative bone disorders such as osteoporosis.

There are more sake benefits!

In addition to the above, studies suggest sake can help prevent diabetes and improve weight loss. But one important benefit we can’t ignore is that it tastes great and pairs well with food, meaning it improves your happiness when eating. Add some sake to the all you can eat seafood and sushi at Yummy Buffet, and put all of sake’s great health benefits to work!