Celebrate Large Family Gathering Lunch & Dinners at Yummy Buffet

Large Family Gathering Lunch & Dinners in San Diego at Yummy Buffet

With the holidays coming, everybody’s looking forward to great family dinner times. Not everybody is looking forward to the work. Somebody has to spend all those hours in the kitchen, cooking and cleaning up meals for large family gatherings. But maybe there’s a better way to handle dinner for large groups? As in, let someone else handle it.

Start a new tradition at Yummy Buffet

Less important than where you host family dinner is who you do it with. This year, consider celebrating your San Diego family holiday dinner (or lunch) by inviting everyone to enjoy an all-you-can-eat feast at Yummy Buffet. There’s no need to break out the folding chairs and add extra and extra leaf to your dining table. Yummy Buffet has everything you need to comfortably host the entire family for an unbridled holiday feast!

We’ll have hot soup at the ready, plenty of beverage options including wine and beer, and a comprehensive buffet lineup catering to all tastes, all the way from salad course to dessert. And of course, we handle all the clean up! Every person in the family may return home to a spotless kitchen and dining room, or use the extra time to go see a movie.

The Perfect Dinner Idea for Large Groups

All you can eat buffets make especially great dinner ideas for large groups, allowing everyone to eat at their own pace, and indulge their individual cravings. Yummy Buffet is uniquely equipped to offer food that the whole family can enjoy: serving Chinese cuisine, seafood, soups, salads, sushi, and of course plenty of the classic American holiday dishes you crave.

We can accommodate most special diets. All of our Chinese dishes, from orange chicken to beef and broccoli, are free of MSG. All of our other dishes too! We cook with 100% vegetable oil, as needed, while offering an extensive range of super healthy options including steamed seafood and vegetables. What most people remember us for is our tremendous, all you can eat sushi station, regularly updated with fresh rolls and nigiri throughout the day. There’s no need to say when at Yummy Buffet.

Special Pricing for Lunch and the Holidays

Offering a holiday price of $15.49 per person, Yummy Buffet will be open from 9am to 11pm Christmas Day, and again on New Year’s Day. In fact, Yummy Buffet is open every single day, and during non-holiday times, our lunch buffet is discounted to $9.99 until 4pm; even lower for children younger than 11.

So free yourself of all the hard work that comes with a holiday family dinner, and schedule your San Diego family holiday dinner for whichever day and time suits your family best. At Yummy Buffet, nobody leaves hungry, even the picky eaters.