Popular Dishes at Our All You Can Eat Asian Buffet

Popular Dishes at Our All You Can Eat Asian Buffet

We offer a terrific variety of Chinese food dishes at Yummy Buffet in San Diego, but we're also more than an Asian buffet — our all you can eat specials include classic American comfort food and plenty of healthful alternatives. And guests always gravitate to our seafood, especially the shellfish and sushi! Check out some of our most popular dishes.

Crab legs

Our great selection of all you can eat shellfish includes oysters, mussels, and shrimp cocktail, but none may be more popular than our delicious, steamed crab legs, served with melted butter. They go great with beer!

Sushi rolls

The beauty of all you can eat sushi is the chance to pick and choose individual pieces of sushi. At Yummy Buffet you don't have to decide between two or three rolls at a time — here you can try them all.

Prime rib

Even after they've loaded up on Asian food, seafood, and salad, few of our guests leave the buffet without adding a juicy slice of our prime rib to their meal. 

Classic Chinese dishes

Everybody's got their own favorite Chinese food staple, so take your pick at Yummy Buffet. You'll find the likes of beef and broccoli, lo mein, egg rolls, fried rice, orange chicken, sweet and sour shrimp, pork short ribs, dumplings, and the immensely popular honey chicken.

Chicken Wings

A great appetizer with any buffet meal, the popularity of our chicken wings prove they're not just delicious at happy hour — though it should be noted, we do serve beer.


No all you can eat buffet is complete without a soup course. We always offer traditional Chinese soups, such as egg drop soup or hot and sour, but when it's cool out, everybody loves our clam chowder.

Salad Bar

We make every effort to offer healthy buffet options, including steamed seafood and vegetable dishes. But the healthiest way to start a meal is with a salad, and the Yummy Buffet salad bar features fresh vegetables and toppings such as steamed shrimp!

Baked salmon

At Yummy Buffet, all you can eat means whatever you want to eat. But in case that includes health-conscious options, we make sure to include steamed fish as a great, low cholesterol protein. However, everybody loves our salmon baked!


Crawfish aren't easy to find outside Cajun restaurants, let alone at all you can eat Asian buffets. But when we make piles of the freshwater shellfish available in our buffet, everybody's thrilled to see them.


Whatever you pick up during your first, second, or even third pass at Yummy Buffet, make sure to save room for dessert. Because this buffet offers cakes and pastries galore; though most favor the fried bananas, soft serve ice cream, and Chinese donuts. Actually, you might want to save lots of room! Give us a call at (619) 222-3388 if you have any questions.