Here's Why Roasted Seaweed (Nori) Is So Nutritious

Here's Why Roasted Seaweed (Nori) Is So Nutritious

Here at Yummy Buffet, we spend a lot of time discussing how nutritious it is to eat fresh seafood, especially sushi rolls. And with good reason. But did you know that, in addition to the raw fish itself, the dried seaweed used as a sushi wrap also packs a tremendous nutritional punch? 

Called nori, the edible seaweed used to wrap sushi rolls is what’s known as a sea vegetable — a class of seaborne produce considered to be among the world’s healthiest superfoods. The source of nori is the red algae, Porphyra, though when it comes out of cold seawater, it doesn’t exactly look like the crispy dried seaweed, nori. First, the seaweed is shredded, dried, and roasted. The final, roasted seaweed product is output in the thin paper-like sheets just made to be a sushi wrap. But why is it considered so nutritious?

1. It’s a great source of B-12

B-12 doesn’t just support the production of your blood cells, it helps maintain DNA structures and improves the health of your nervous system. Just two sheets of nori make up the recommended daily allowance of B-12, and since you may eat unlimited sushi rolls at Yummy Buffet, it’s incredibly easy to get all the B-12 you need.

2. Potassium

The roasted seaweed nori also contains high amounts of potassium, which reduces blood pressure and is vital for reducing the risk of stroke and heart disease. While nori won’t likely provide all your daily intake of potassium, it makes an excellent supplement to other foods that also provide high amounts of the valuable nutrient, such as salmon and avocado. It might just help that one or both of those happen to appear in a lot of the sushi rolls in our buffet!

3. Low in calories and in fat

While dried seaweed offers a fair amount of protein and fiber to supplement your diet, it does so while contributing almost zero saturated fat and only 5 calories per sheet of nori. So when it’s used as a sushi wrap, it contributes flavor, nutrients, and structure to a sushi roll, but adds virtually nothing to your weight-conscious diet. Which means you can indulge in even more all you can eat sushi.

4. Iodine

Another contributor to a healthy diet that you’ll find plenty of in (edible) seaweed is iodine. Known to be crucial for thyroid function, iodine supports a robust metabolism, helping you burn calories and maintain higher levels of energy. That’s why salt is iodized. But you can reduce salt without missing an iodine beat if you keep plenty of roasted seaweed in your diet. There are unlimited sushi rolls at your disposal at Yummy Buffet, so eat a few pieces to help keep your metabolism firing on all cylinders, and eat a few more to take advantage of it.

It’s not just the fish that makes sushi nutritious.

These days, eating healthy requires a conscious decision to do so. All you can eat doesn’t get healthier or more delicious than at Yummy Buffet, and a big reason for that is all the roasted seaweed that goes into our sushi wraps. Come enjoy some nori today!