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Yummy Buffet in San Diego has more than just Asian style food. Our buffet includes all you can eat Chinese food, American food, soups, salads, & desserts.

Chinese, American, Soup & Salad Buffet in San Diego


At Yummy Buffet, our quest to serve a great variety of healthy and flavorful foods covers a lot of ground, from Chinese food to classics of American cuisine, and to round out every meal, both soups, and salads.

Chinese Buffet

The all you can eat buffet at Yummy Buffet may be best known as San Diego’s best Chinese buffet. While we do feature far more than just Chinese food, it’s definitely true that our Chinese buffet accounts for many of our most popular dishes. Fans of Chinese food gravitate to dishes including orange chicken, kung pao chicken, and sweet and sour chicken; and vegetarians will want to look for tofu dishes as well. You can’t go wrong filling your all you can eat plates with the absolute classics of Chinese buffets, such as beef and broccoli, chow mein, BBQ pork, spare ribs, and fried rice. And it goes without saying that, whether or not you finish with Chinee buffet staples, you’ll want to start your meal with several of our many Chinese appetizers, the tops being cream cheese wontons, egg rolls, crab rangoon, and potstickers!

Last, but definitely not least, while our mighty seafood selection is what brings a lot of customers to Yummy Buffet, our assorted Chinese seafood dishes bring together the best of both worlds, particularly for shellfish fans, who can’t seem to get enough of our coconut shrimp, honey walnut shrimp, or sweet and sour shrimp.

American Buffet

At Yummy Buffet, people love the Chinese food and sushi we’re best known for, but our customers also stack their plates high with plenty of American buffet dishes as well. In particular, they show up for our carving station, which offers thick, tender slices of prime rib. Naturally, people go wild for steamed crab legs and baked salmon, but it’s a rare guest who doesn’t at least consider grabbing a slice of pizza!

Keep an eye out for American buffet favorites stashed throughout our all you can eat buffet, whether it’s popular side dishes like

French fries or mashed potatoes and gravy; go-to vegetables like green beans or asparagus au gratin; or start your meal off with the simplicity of a shrimp cocktail. We also feature a rotating assortment of pies and pastry crusts stuffed with beef or mushrooms, and of course, the most American dish of all, apple pie.

Salad Bar

Don’t overlook one of the healthiest parts of our all you can eat buffet: the salad bar. Stocked throughout the day with fresh vegetables, the salad bar lets you custom make a salad with your favorites, whether leafy greens, root vegetables, legumes, grains, or cruciferous greens. Of course, our salad bar includes a choice of salad dressings, plus toppings such as grated cheese, croutons, seeds, and nuts. Even picky eaters will find they can assemble a salad to their liking, and if all else fails, our all you can eat buffet includes fruit salad bar selections as well.

Soup Buffet

Customers who enjoy a soup course may choose to enjoy a couple of them thanks to our all you can eat soup buffet. At Yummy Buffet, the soup buffet features up to four different kinds of soup at any given time. Recurring favorites include clam chowder, hearty chicken noodle soup, and miso soup, whether you time a cup of miso soup with a visit to the all you can eat sushi station, or not. Also, in conjunction with our Chinese buffet offerings, our soup buffet includes a number of the different traditional Chinese soups that have become a staple of American Chinese restaurants, including hot and sour soup, egg drop soup, and wonton soup.

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