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Yummy Buffet in San Diego offers an all you can eat fresh sushi buffet with fresh and delicious ingredients complimented by a beautiful presentation. we take the extra effort to provide healthier options for our diners, including plenty of salad and fish.

An All You Can Eat Fresh Sushi Buffet in San Diego


Yummy Buffet is proud to offer fresh sushi at our San Diego location. We have a large selection of sushi to choose from, all of which is made using fresh seafood and high-quality ingredients. Check out some of the delicious sushi you can get at Yummy Buffet in the images below.

Looking for Healthy Restaurant Options in San Diego? 

It's pretty easy to eat well in San Diego. What's tougher is eating well while also eating healthy. At Yummy Buffet, nobody leaves hungry. But we know how difficult it can be to find a healthy restaurant in San Diego, especially one that caters to everyone's dietary needs and tastes. That's why we take the extra effort to provide healthier options for our diners, including plenty of salad and fish. We can easily accommodate anyone with low calorie or low carb diets, and a lot has to do with our many ways of preparing seafood.

Enjoy steamed seafood

We may offer buffet-style indulgence, but Yummy Buffet is devoted to promoting a healthy diet with steamed seafood such as crab legs, and nutrient-rich fish such as sushi. Visit today to get your recommended weekly serving of seafood, and then some! 

View Photos of Our Sushi Buffet Options

Eating fish for a healthy lifestyle

For optimal health, everyone should at least two or three servings of seafood each week. At least, that's what most nutritionists say, along with organizations like the Food and Drug Administration and The American Heart Association. Why is fish so healthy? Well, for one it provides a wonderfully lean source of protein, meaning it provides the body all the enzymes it needs, without all the bad cholesterol it doesn't need. 

People with plenty of seafood also tend to sleep better, experience lower instances of depression and have overall better heart health. There's also evidence suggesting it keeps your mental facilities sharper, but that may just be because smarter people are wise to the many health benefits of fish. Some seafood, such as salmon, sushi, and crab legs, offer especially high health rewards. 

Those Omega-3s

Most types of seafood are also chock full of omega-3 fatty acids. In this case, don't let the word "fatty" fool you — these are what are known as essential fats, much different than the kinds that clog arteries or put a strain on strain our waistbands. In fact, our bodies can't produce omega-3s, meaning we have to get them for the food we eat — and none provides more than fish. 

Why are they important? Because they promote critical body functions on a cellular level. Among the many, many benefits of ingesting omega-3 fatty acids from seafood is reduced cancer risk, lower blood pressure, and reduced inflammation. Doctors find that last one especially important, as they suspect inflammation to be a root problem that leads to heart disease as well as cancer and other serious illnesses.

Vitamins and minerals

Different kinds of seafood also contribute a wealth of vitamins and minerals our bodies crave. For example, salmon, known to be a rich source of omega-3s, also provides high levels of complex B vitamins, which protect the brain and nervous system, repair DNA, and improve metabolism. It's also a reliable source of potassium and selenium, each of which improves heart health by lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart disease. Though quite different in taste and texture than salmon, crab legs offer many of these same nutritional benefits, as well as calcium for bone health, and phosphorous to help the body detoxify itself. Crab legs also happen to be one of our most popular dishes at Yummy Buffet!

Cooked or uncooked

How you prepare seafood contributes to its relative healthiness. Fried fish may be delicious, but it often diminishes the nutritional benefits of fish. Grilled, steamed, pan-seared, and raw fish, such as sushi, are your best bet; they deliver plenty of protein, essential fats, vitamins, and minerals while remaining low carb, low calorie, and low fat. At Yummy Buffet, we offer steamed fish, and a healthy variety of sushi daily.