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Fan Reviews Illustrating Why We're the Best Buffet in San Diego

Yummy Buffet has our fair share of happy and satisfied customers. Don't just take our word for it though. Take a look at the amazing 5 star reviews on Yelp, Google+ and other testimonials.


“This is our favorite buffet ever!”

This is our favorite buffet ever! We don’t live in San Diego, but we have visited once a year since 2014 and we always go to this buffet. They have everything - delicious soups, a wide selection of food, and excellent seafood. My mom loves the crab legs, I love the soups, and the desserts are great!! I love the decor as well, the best I’ve seen in any Asian food restaurant: modern yet clean and not falling apart. We wish this buffet was in our hometown, but since it isn’t, we’ll just keep coming back each time we go to San Diego!! Cannot recommend this enough!!!
— Irina K.

“One of the best Chinese buffets I've ever had”

One of the best Chinese buffets I’ve ever had. The food was fresh and there were several things to choose from. I’ll definitely be stopping here again when I’m back in San Diego.
— Matthew G.

"A Ton of Great Asian Food For a Good Price"

-Jake S.

To all carnivores, college students, and gym-rats:

If you’re looking for a fancy Asian buffet, go spend $28 somewhere else. If you’re looking for a ton of great Asian food for a good price, then look no further.

Six days out of the week I work out and stick to a very strict diet, and one day out of the week I get to eat real food. For my cheat meal I could go eat anywhere, and instead I eat here. That being said, you will find me here every Friday at about 6pm.

The service is great. They show you to the table, take your drink order. After about 5 minutes after you have gotten your food, they will ask “how is everything” in very broken English and that’s it. They always refill my drink before it’s empty and don’t bother me otherwise. I honestly enjoy that about this place.

Not every sushi roll they make is the greatest but just grab one of each and pick a couple that you enjoy and stick to those. Their meat dishes are to die for. I usually eat 2-3 plates of just their pork short ribs, chicken skewers, and glazed fried shrimp. I stay away from the American dishes, obviously because that’s not their specialty or what I came for, but at least they have it for those unadventurous souls.

It is a fair amount cheaper to eat lunch there M-F for like $9, but for $14 it is still worth it to eat there for dinner too.

Overall I have no complaints and don’t understand why anyone would. Hopefully I have convinced you to go and you enjoy it if you do decide to eat there.

— Jake S.

“Lot's of seafood on every station”

Seafood Sunday Funday!
$15.49 buffet all day Sunday
Lot’s of seafood on every station.
All the typical chinese food such as the beef and broccoli, chow mein,fried rice, chicken teriyaki, and soups.
One of our favorite; crab legs!
plus delicious sushi bar, salad bar, an extensive number of desserts including yogurt and their yummy flan.
Good location, plenty of parking space, clean restaurant, and friendly servers.
— Marucka A.

“I Highly Recommend the restaurant”

Yummy buffet has a wide variety of food. From American to Chinese. I highly recommend the restaurant, if you are in the San Diego area.
— Al A.

“some great Chinese food”

One of my favorite places to go when I’m craving some great Chinese food , the service is awesome and they have many tvs .
— Ashley J.

“Thanks for an enjoyable lunch Yummy Buffet!”

I went here with my family for lunch on our way to our resort nearby. We got there a few minutes after they opened on a Monday midmorning. The hostess sat us down quickly and waiter took our drinks. The food was pretty much like any Chinese buffet. All was fresh and hot. No complaints on the food. We had enjoyed our stay and I even mentioned to the hostess while paying for our check that I had chose the place based on Yelp reviews and it did not disappoint us. Will def come back the next time we are in the area. Thanks for an enjoyable lunch Yummy Buffet!
— Theresan L.

“the most delicious Chinese/sushi Buffett I have been to”

I came to this buffet when I was in the area. It’s honestly the most delicious Chinese/sushi Buffett I have been to. The food was delicious. Restaurant was clean. Food was fresh. A lot of seafood items, good choices for kids. I will definitely come here again.
— Martha M.

“Yummy Buffet is the best Buffet in San Diego”

Yummy Buffet is the best buffet in San Diego for the price and selection. Some of the best highlights is the unlimited sushi bar, freshly baked salmon, fresh green beans, baked and fried chicken with a very wide selection of food.
— Jay B.
yummy buffet mongolian beef 

“Crab legs were good and meaty, great honey chicken, food was fresh and hot!”

-Lavina M

Enjoyed this buffet very much, a nice find! Crab legs were good and meaty, great honey chicken, food was fresh and hot! The server was very nice and attentive and friendly and yummy soft serve ice cream was nice and creamy (not thin and icy)! :) I also enjoyed a bit of flan that was pretty tasty!
— Lavinia M.

“they had the most delicious and big steamed crab legs!”

I went in because I was craving crab legs. OMG they had the most delicious and big steamed crab legs! Also, I was delighted to see there was crawfish as well. So good! The sushi is made fresh right in front of you.
— Aysha S.

“This is hands down the best and cleanest Chinese buffet I've ever been to”

This is hands down the best and cleanest Chinese buffet I’ve ever been to, military discount, great service. And GREAT FOOD!!!! I will be coming back for sure.
— Alex J.

“Love the food here, amazing sushi bar”

-Alexandra S.

Love the food here, amazing sushi bar..employees very friendly and great atmosphere.family friendly love It definitely recommend it.so far i went first time with and ex..then with my bestie,then fam and today will definitely take them back to eat since they cant stop talkin about it after we went..spreading the word
— Alexandra S.


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The reviews don't lie. Yummy Buffet is simply the best buffet in all of San Diego, providing fresh seafood, crab legs, sushi, Chinese food, and more! If you are ready to get an amazing meal full of fresh seafood and delicious asian cuisine, come to Yummy Buffet today. If you have any questions, give us a call at (619) 222-3388.